I provide family counseling services.  I believe that problems are best solved through the strength and assistance of family and loved ones.  I believe in the resiliency of families.  Each family is complex and unique and strong.  Families face many obstacles throughout life.  The path of each family is long and winding, and while the journey can be painful along the way, family is an inextricable part of who we are as individuals.  Whether you are facing conflicts between family members, changes in the composition of your family, losses within the family, or a desire to address larger issues relating to the function or interactional patterns within your family, family counseling can help.  I bring experience as a family therapist that will help you in navigating the process of change within your family.  I believe that families can obtain skills to function differently, and to decrease problematic interactions and behaviors.  People can change their lives and improve their relationships, regardless of their past, present, or future circumstances.  Facing challenges as a family is an extremely powerful and effective way to heal.  

Some examples of areas we may focus on in therapy include:

  • Grief and Loss

  • Significant Life Changes/ Events

  • Changes in family composition

  • Trauma (child abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, accidents, violence, losses, etc.)

  • Relational Distress (conflict between family members)

  • Communication Concerns

My Theory & Approach to Working With Families

When addressing family stressors or areas of concern, I maintain that family participation in counseling is optimal for the health and growth of your family.  In working with families with young children, I support the parental role, and believe in the good intentions of parents and guardians to provide care and discipline to their children.  I will work to support you as the parent/ guardian as you work to support your family.  

I approach work with families from a family systems perspective.  I utilize an attachment lens in my work with families.  I draw from structural and strategic therapy techniques in my work with families.  I use creativity and art therapy with families, as appropriate.

What to Expect

Change takes time. The change that lasts longest often takes longer to achieve.  We will work together to determine what course of therapy makes the most sense for your family.  Some families come to therapy for a short time to address a specific behavior or need, and this is done in a few sessions.  Other families wish to work on things that take a longer time to address.  Therapy can last from a few meetings to months or years.  Whatever brings you and your family to therapy, you are welcome here.  We will work together to determine what course of therapy will be most helpful to address the unique needs of your family.  As a family, you are in control of when you wish to end therapy.  We will continue to check in throughout our time together to assess how you are feeling about progress on your goals.  

Contact me to set up a free 20-minute consultation.  Together, we can determine if I am a good fit for your family.