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There are few times in life as intense as having a new child.  However you come into the journey of parenthood, it is full of unique challenges, serious pressures, and often unforeseen physical and emotional complications.  I have special interest in perinatal mental health, and in supporting new families during the complex transition into parenthood.

I work with women and families experiencing perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety, in transitioning to parenthood, processing birth and trauma, pregnancy losses, and in healing during pregnancy and in the years following a new baby. I have completed certificate training as a Perinatal Mental Health provider. Infants and young children are welcome in sessions.

Counseling Can Help

We will work collaboratively to develop your goals for counseling. Possible topics to address in counseling may include:

  • Mental health concerns during pregnancy/ postpartum

  • Sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, difficulty sleeping

  • Intrusive or scary thoughts

  • Feeling disconnected from your baby

  • Grief from a pregnancy loss

  • Processing your birth or birth trauma

  • Needing support after medical complications or NICU stays

  • Stress related to changes in your family and your role as a parent

  • Seeking support as a partner and new parent

Theory & Approach

Therapy is unique to every client, and I utilize a broad range of techniques and approaches, combining them in different ways tailored to best match each individual.  I work from a humanistic perspective, drawing from existential theory, internal family systems theory, systems theory, attachment theory, and psychodynamic theory.  Additionally, I utilize art therapy techniques as appropriate in our work together, inviting the use of art and creative expression.  My work with individuals is additionally informed by my experience as a family therapist.  I approach individuals as a part of their family system, larger environment, and place, as I believe that where we come from and who we are around now inform our current state of being.  

What to Expect

Change takes time. The change that lasts longest often takes longer to achieve.  We will work together to determine what course of therapy makes the most sense to you.  Some clients come to therapy for a short time to address a specific behavior or need, and this is done in a few sessions.  Other clients wish to work on things that take a longer time to address.  Therapy can last from a few meetings to months or years.  Whatever brings you to therapy, you are welcome here.  We will work together to determine what course of therapy will be most helpful and appropriate to address your unique goals.  You are in control of when you wish to end therapy.  We will continue to check in throughout our time together to assess how you are feeling about progress on your goals.  

You do not have to face this alone. I can help.
Contact me to set up a free 20-minute consultation.  Together, we can determine if I am a good fit for you.